Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Organise yourself to crack the PO Exam for recruitment to Associate Banks of SBI

how to strategise for best outcome in the exam
  • Do not study new topicsIt is now less than a week to go for one of the biggest opportunities to make a successful career in the most prestigious banks of India. Do not study any new topic as the question paper has been prepared by now.

  • ReviseRevision is the best thing that you can do as the time is limited. Moreover, it is extremely important to revise whatever you have prepared until now. Avoid reading books. Use your notes for revision.

  • Practice recallEveryone has his/her own style of recalling things. Some learn by association while others even have the capability to visualize the page of the book as they try to recall any piece of information. Find your strengths and practice recollecting whatever you have learnt as speed is as important as accuracy in these competitive examinations.

  • At least one question paper a dayTime management is extremely important in these exams as stated above. Consider your study room an examination hall and solve one set of question papers in this last week before the exam. This will give you the confidence and key skills to solve, mark and revise the answers before submitting the final copy. It will also help you spot weak areas and work on them to give a final touch to your preparation.

  • Do not let pressure/stress hamper your effortsSome people work well under pressure while others tend to crumble. Try to analyse your style and work accordingly. A little pressure as the exam nears will keep you on your toes while thinking too much about the exam will surely throw you off track. Build confidence, relax and take the exam head-on.

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