Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eat healthy, sleep well and recall better - Tips to succeed in the PO Exam for Associate Banks of SBI

The initial stage of becoming a Probationary Officer requires a candidate to crack the written exam. A lot of hard work and dedication is required on the candidate’s part to get selected in the management cadre of the bank. Since only few days are left for the Probationary Officer written exam for recruitment in associate banks of SBI, you need to adopt the right strategy to avoid last minute panick.

Manage your time: Instead of devoting your time to learning new things, start revising whatever you have studied till date. Make a structured plan for the last few days and start with revising the most important topics first followed by the less important topics.

Give mock tests: Try solving at least 5 question papers as it will help you find any difficult areas in the test papers that you have covered and need revision. It will also help you increase speed in solving the paper, along with smooth and easy movement across sections (in case you don’t know a particular answer).

Healthy diet: Never ignore the breakfast as it is an important meal that helps you keep running throughout the day even if you miss the lunch. Eat fruits as they are healthy and a good source of nutrition. Avoid oily food as it will make you feel sleepy throughout the day. Do not take any food or liquids which contain caffeine or chocolate three hours before sleeping.

Sleep well: Try to sleep at a fixed time every night. Avoid sleeping in the afternoons; a short nap may be helpful though. Avoid stimulating your sensory system by too much TV, arguments, or fights.

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