Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Last Minute Revision Strategies - IBPS CWE Clerical Cadre Exam

There are too many things to do and too less time to focus upon. Revising all that you had prepared for IBPS CWE is a hefty task to accomplish wherein you need to organise your time and plan your revision in advance. The main objective is to work on your notes in various ways to make them more memorable.

Create a Revision Timetable: A lot of you must be aware of making a time-table and studying for exam. However, when you are revising for the paper, make realistic goals that blend well with the time you have along with breaks now and then.

Recognize Key Topics: Since there are just four subjects to study, identify the most important topics to revise and go through them thoroughly. This will not only save you from unnecessary stress but will also boost your confidence. You can select the topics on the basis of previous

Balance your Revision: Make sure that you are not revising all the difficult topics on a particular day and the easy ones another day. Balance your revision by blending a difficult topic with an easy one. This will keep you interested in the preparation and improve your recall value.

Revise in Short Package: Manage your time table in a way that you take 10 minutes break in each hour of revision. If you find problem in recalling a topic that is of utmost importance, switch to the method of writing and learning. Follow these steps- Look, Say, Cover, Write, and Check as it makes the learning much more effective.

Follow different method for different topics: Revise your notes in the order of importance and difficulty level. There is no point of reading and re-reading the entire book as it will only increase your stress levels. Just scan through the important points, headings, examples, and charts. Write the concise version of your notes with an aim to reduce difficult topic into an index card. Give it a colour as it helps you to memorise and compartmentalise things in your mind.
Make sure your notes are well organised and easy to follow. Realise that it just an exam and not an end to your life. Understand that we all get anxious at times and hence you should not shut doors to the outer world. Talk to family members and meet friends to freshen up and reduce unnecessary stress levels.

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